Beautiful Simplicity comes to big data analytics in a platform so advanced you won’t believe it
– until you query it

Corterix is the first unified data analytics platform that’s so brilliantly simple it makes the optimal use of data for insights and decision-making a reality of everyone.

This breakthrough platform seamlessly unifies unstructured data and structured data into a single column-based, petabyte scale, secure database repository.

It eliminates technological complexity, disruption, and high cost.

The complete scoop beyond Hadoop

Although data-driven analytics is changing the world, there’s more data than ever, and it’s more diverse. It keeps coming faster, too. Meanwhile, everyone wants to take advantage of its potential for insights and decision-making.

But until now big data solutions have been complex, expensive to install and integrate, resource-intensive to maintain, and unequal to the task of sourcing all types of data and making it easily accessible in real time.

Corterix® was designed from the ground up to outperform Hadoop or any other current platform. Instead of a patchwork of complex add-ons, Corterix is a seamless unity that achieves goals that truly do initiate a new age in big data analytics.

Beautiful simplicity. It’s engineered for batch and real-time, high-speed streaming ingest, indexing and loading of large volumes of structured and unstructured data into single column-based, petabyte-scale repository.

Real time. Once data is ingested, indexed and loaded in the Corterix repository, you can run textual and SQL queries in real-time. Corterex provides real-time monitoring, instant cross-analysis of new and historical data, and prompt responses to market changes, product problems, customer dissatisfaction, litigation, audit, fraud threats, competitive threats, etc.

New skills and languages not required. You can use existing tools to query and visualize results. Uses SQL native, SOAP, and REST APIs.

Best of breed. Connectors to best of breed data sources, analytics and visualization tools.

Massive scale. No job is too big. Corterix is designed to scale to massive data volumes at real-time speed. It delivers:

  • Massive Asymmetric Data scalability, certified to 30 Petabyte of data, which corresponds to up to 420 Trillion records and objects.
  • Asymmetric Ingestion and Query Scaling: Ingests, indexes and loads at over 130 TB per hour and up to 5 Trillion rows per hour.
  • Low data latency: New data can be indexed, loaded and ready for analysis in under 0.1 seconds.
  • Fast search and analysis: Sub-second response time for any pin-point search or cross-search.

Fully Integrated components.

Hadoop was introduced in 2006. It was originally an unstructured data search capability, but during the past decade, it has morphed into a do-all for big data.

Hadoop is complex and requires new skills, new languages and dozens of new SW tools and large effort to code and integrate those components. Hadoop is touted as free, but is complex and expensive because it requires new HW infrastructure, new tools, people with new skills and consultants to manage such new HW and SW infrastructure that is incompatible with existing skills and existing systems.

On the other hand, Corterix offers out-of-the-box fully integrated, rich functionality with high performance and multi-Petabyte scalability. Below is the list of integrated features in Corterix.

  • 1. Connectors to multiple Email servers (MS Exchange, Lotus, Gmail, HotMail, Yahoo, any RFC2822-compatible format) and in-flight SMTP protocol
  • 2. Integrated file system spiders
  • 3. Real-time, multi-channel ETL for unstructured data
  • 4. Real-time ETL for structured data (custom)
  • 5. High-speed, massively parallel archiver and indexer for unstructured data
  • 6. High-speed, massively parallel archiver and indexer for structured data
  • 7. Retention Manager
  • 8. Auto-classification module
  • 9. Collaboration Manager
  • 10. Browser-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • 11. Administration Module
  • 12. SQL API for SQL tools
  • 13. Web Services for non-SQL tools
  • 14. Back-end data repository with optional advanced data encryption
  • 15. Monitoring, Diagnostics and Notification module
  • 16. Built-in Email Server
  • 17. eDiscovery Module
  • 18. Audit and Compliance Module
  • 19. Multi-site replicator (custom) with Non-Stop IQ Connector
  • 20. Mobile interface (smartphone)
  • 21. High-speed email exporter for recovery of MS Exchange
  • 22. High-speed file exporter for recovery of file systems or data streaming

Proof of Concept

At Corterix Labs, we have a process to demonstrate how our software can solve a specific problem a client challenges us with. All or our POC’s deliver quantifiable metrics, co-developed with our customers, based on our ability to ingest, store, and query data. Here’s a procedural example:

  • For each type of data, for instance, sensor data, we determine, ingest, store, and/or query metrics. Example: ingest 10,000,000 sensor records per hour with less than 5-second latency.
  • For ingestion, we determine an appropriate mix of data types and channels. Example: In addition to sensor data, ingest email data at a rate of 100 GB per hour.
  • Total Volume Example: include 24,000,000,000 sensor records and 2 TB of email data in the DB.
  • Against this dataset, perform 5 queries defined by the user and demonstrate that each will execute in under 5 seconds.
  • Demonstrate Table integration to support a future business dashboard.

At last. A Hassle-Free upgrade or replacement for Hadoop

Corterix not only takes big data analytics into a new age. It protects your investment in Hadoop or it cost-effectively replaces Hadoop.

Break out of the coop now

“Don’t be a chicken. You’ll love ranging free over all the data!”