The first “free-range”
big data analytics platform
has arrived.

“It’s your chance to break out of the coop!” — Bright Bird

Meet Bright Bird, your guide to a whole new age in big data analytics.

“Corterix was born and bred to roam the entire range of structured and unstructured data and deliver it to a single, easy-to-query repository, something you just can’t do when you’re locked up in the coop.”

-Bright Bird

Introducing Corterix®. The organically grown, unified platform that delivers “must have” breakthrough advances that Hadoop just can’t dupe.

You’ve been working with Hadoop or another patchwork data analytics platform for years, but you know it’s far from perfect. The hallmarks of a successful big data platform are hardly poor results, high costs, and frustration. Additionally, existing platforms require new technology, skills, and languages, so users other than IT specialists have difficulty making optimal use of them.

There’s a solid reason for many of the shortcomings. Hadoop was originally built on a search platform, not a big data platform, and the current version has been pieced together over time. It’s anything but beautifully unified.

The disadvantages can cause missed data-driven insights and lead to partially informed, mistaken decisions, costing businesses and governments billions of dollars annually. But your company or government has made a big investment in it, and you’re skeptical that anything better will come along. Guess what? It’s finally here.

The Advent of a new age in big data analytics

Corterix enables the potential of big data analytics like nothing before it, because it’s built on a perfectly appropriate but radically different concept. It’s a beautifully unified platform that has been engineered from the ground up as a data analytics platform that can ingest data of all types at real-time speeds, index and compress it, and load it into a single, easily accessible SQL database.

Corterix Explained


Corterix is the first unified data analytics platform that’s so brilliantly simple it makes the optimal use of data for insights and decision-making a reality for everyone.

This breakthrough platform seamlessly unifies unstructured data and structured data into a single column-based, petabyte scale, secure database repository.

Here are just some of the unprecedented feats Corterix can perform

Roams the entire range of structured and unstructured data
Unifies it all into a single, secure, petabyte-scale repository
Integrates easily with Hadoop or operates as a standalone platform
Enables easy, real-time queries
Facilitates insights and optimally informed decision-making
So user-friendly executives can do queries without a lot of special training
Ready to buy today, so you can be up and running in just a few days


Corterix is ready to solve the world’s most complex big data problems – and we’d like to prove it. Get the complete scoop on big data technology that’s way beyond Hadoop.

Enables non-disruptive implementation

Since Corterix speaks the language of business analytics, ANSI SQL, it empowers your teams to use the tools and processes they know and trust to incorporate new data, gain new insights, and make more informed decisions – all without special training and all at the speed of business. It can easily complement your current platform or completely replace it.

Break out of the coop now

“We just hatched a new age in big data – and, trust me. It’s so much better than being cooped up.”