Corterix accelerates converged big data analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning – and it does it all Non-Disruptively.

Corterix lets your data-science team perform analytics quickly and at scale – without disrupting your usual business processes. Your team can use the tools they know and love: SQL, R, SAS or other BI tools. They don’t have to learn a new, difficult, and fragile skillset.

Many analytics and data-science teams are hamstrung for two other reasons, and Corterix frees them from both.


The teams have to access multiple sources of shared structured and unstructured data. In fact, the biggest challenge data scientists face is “data wrangling” – storing structured and unstructured data in single repository and performing analytics across all data types. Corterix overcomes this challenge with ease. It’s engineered to expedite data-driven analytics by ingesting structured and unstructured data, including sensor data, into a single data repository.


The teams can only deal with data sets of less than one terabyte, but they need multi-PB or even exabyte systems. Corterix delivers far more PB than other platforms and very likely far more PB than they’ll ever even approach the need for – a whopping 1,000 PB.

As a result of these unprecedented capabilities, Corterix eliminates the biggest challenges of data wrangling: inability to scale, inability to unify structured and unstructured data, and slow query time – and it does it all without disruption of your usual business processes.

Corterix addresses critical big data management and analysis challenges faced by businesses and governments – and solves them Non-Disruptively.

Two trends are making data archiving and analysis very difficult. Data is growing exponentially, and regulations are increasing. As a result, businesses and governments need to store more and more old and new types of data. They also need to store the data for longer periods and be able to query and analyze the data instantly.

Corterix’s analytics archive meets all of these critical big data management and analysis challenges. This remarkable platform enables our customers to handle over 1,000 PB of data and access it in real-time. Corterix easily enables real-time archiving, as opposed to delayed archiving. Users can also set appropriate archive rules to insure they don’t keep data longer than required.

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